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Yamswar divided his complete power into two parts by sharing his energy, which is synonymous with his soul. He placed a portion of this energy, in the form of a soul, into the lifeless body of the prince. The remaining part of his energy was used to restore Prince Daksh's original soul. Yamswar was the only one who knew that his positive powers were assimilated into Prince Daksh's body, while his negative powers were sent back to the Yamlok.

As she took her last breath, I found myself smiling peculiarly. People may have thought I had gone mad, but only she knew that I fulfilled her final desire. Neither she nor I were to blame; it was the race against time, and time itself was the true culprit. Some love stories are written by the divine, and I have no hesitation in accepting that. It's true that I loved your mother more than anything in my life, but this love story was meant for her and her true soulmate. I was never meant to be a part of it; instead, I was merely a pawn in the grand scheme of the mastermind behind this game. It was my duty to bring this half-finished love story to its completion. Arshiya, my dear, I loved your mother more than anything else in this world, and that is the truth. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for this. Every cause has a purpose, and we must accept it. It is now time for our final farewell. I love you...

Clash of The Alexenders

Rarely does it occur, once in millions of years, that the sun fails to bestow its light upon all the planets orbiting around it. Seizing this opportunity, the demons exploited the deities' obligation and brought about the destruction of a planet, marking the end of the dinosaur era on Earth. However, this devastation was merely an accident that inadvertently gave rise to the epoch of humanity.

Initially, the demons attempted to assert their dominion over the universe. But the emergence of a new creature, a creation of the divine, posed numerous challenges for them. The monsters now posed a greater threat to humans than the deities themselves. Consequently, the demons changed their course and aimed to attack the gods, seeking to destroy the most remarkable creation of divinity that existed on Earth.

This turn of events was yet another failure on the part of the deities, resulting in the demise of the planet Pluto. However, this time it was not the demons who were enlightened about the deities' vulnerability, but rather the humans. They exploited this divine compulsion to their advantage and sought to rule over Earth by becoming dictators of mischief.To counter the waywardness of humans and their demonic tendencies, a group of humans with virtuous souls emerged, stepping forward to thwart their plans. In this epic battle of good versus evil, three lovers from a previous life found themselves entangled in a complex web. Their love story, which remained incomplete in their previous existence, was expected to find fulfillment in their current rebirth.

Love To Hear From You

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